Intuition can only come from within. It is a whisper, a golden whisper, that will never speak louder than our shrieking ego full of thoughts of fear and separation.

Since we all love this social media world so much, I've started feeling reluctant to it because I was comparing myself with others all the freaking time. But the joke is, that's just an ego game... It's just another way to make us look outside ourselves and strive to have or do something that really, we are not.

The first time I deliberately talked to my intuitive voice, I was so amazed by it. And now, some years later, this same intuitive voice is guiding me to travel to Mexico with a toddler, being a single mom.

I asked some of the most inspiring yogis I have in my network what their best yoga practices are to get in touch with their intuition - and at the end, share mine too. Really, there's no hurry, we all have it, no exception, and we will hear the call loud and clear when we are ready. Intuition is not looking for anyone who doesn't want to be found.

So I got 7 experienced yogis to answer this for us.

Which yoga practice to connect with your intuition is the most meaningful to you & why?

What is even more interesting, is the different approach these people have toward the same result.

For example, one of them swears by a breathing exercise, while another meditates all the time.

Here is a break down of the top tips:

The Best Yoga Practices to Connect With Your Intuition (as shared by 7 experts!)

  1. Silence and presence.
  2. Use of the breath, mudra or mantra.
  3. Journaling or oracle/tarot cards.

Here are the answers in detail. Enjoy the post, take notes and implement the info.

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Víctor M. Flores

In 2016, Víctor was reborn when he saw the light again after having a near-death-experience in a traffic accident that left him clinically dead. Before, he was a writer with more than 10 books published about yoga and spirituality. From that man, he inherited appreciation for the little things in life and feeling lost knowing that there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. With 21 years of practice and 12 at a professional level, he's studied yoga a lot. Before, he was a marketing director in a multinational and there was a moment where stress took over. That's where he found yoga, and it saved his life.

"My intuition itself is what connects me with my intuition. It's feedback, it nurtures itself. It's as if you're an animal never second-guessing yourself when you encounter a fork on the road. Everything else are just techniques on how to walk or how to breathe. I access my inner being easily: I keep quiet, ask questions and don't expect any answers in return. The practice that most benefits and that most surprises me is yoga itself. The use of mudras seems extraordinary to me. I love the Abhisheka mudra in particular, but use the Kali mudra more in my classes. I use them as decoration in a pose when my hands aren't bound together.

I try to always meditate, whenever, wherever. Not sitting down in easy pose, but when I'm having a cup of coffee or brushing my teeth. It's paying attention to what you do.

I sincerely believe the teacher is inside of yourself. If I'd have to give my teacher a name, I'd say it was Budha. All teachers are but heirs of a lineage that pass their knowledge on. I don't know, maybe a true big impact in my life was Swami Satyananda and without a doubt Ramiro Calle, whom I consider a friend. You'll come across many teachers in your life, but friends with a little bit of luck just a few."

Patricia Panasri

Patricia Panasri is on a mission to guide mothers back into the flow of motherhood through her gifts as an astrologer and her personal journey into motherhood. She uses this wisdom to support other entrepreneurial mothers who are lost in the struggles of balancing motherhood and work. Patricia knows firsthand what it's like to be in survival mode after her second was born. A deep postpartum depression made her turn her attention inwards and heal the deep wounds from within. Patricia leads them to redefine themselves as women, mothers, entrepreneurs and learn how to trust their intuition again, using a unique astrology infused coaching method with her 1-on-1 clients and in her membership community.

"I look at yoga as a tool to gain more insight into your inner voice. For me, the most important tool to get in touch with my intuition is to use astrology and tarot. They speak the language of the unconscious, creating a link so that we can easily interpret the messages. It's by performing rituals that I'm able to let my intuition speak. So every morning I light a candle and I sit down in meditation for however long (or short) I feel called to. My unconscious knows we're creating a connecting here. After meditation, I draw my tarot cards and some oracle cards. They provide me with answers I already know but I've been too busy, distracted or confused to see the possibilities. It allows me to follow the guidance that doesn't come from outside of myself, but from within, my intuition. You know when you have a hunch your new idea isn't going to work out? The cards will reveal what you already know! This fits beautifully within the Niyama Svadhyaya, the study of the self.

Besides that, astrology is an amazing tool to deepen the connection with your intuition. By knowing what your true patterns and habits are (away from all the conditioning) you know how to walk your path. I find - still to this day - so much knowledge in my natal chart. When you add the current movements of the planets on top of that you have a powerful roadmap that takes away a lot of guessing and allows you to stay closely connected to your intuition."

Laura van Leeuwen

Laura is a yoga teacher who teaches Yin, Vinyasa and SUP yoga at Island Yoga on Aruba. Her intention for you during the classes and her sharing is to get an opportunity to find a connection with your Spirit and live a happier and more loving life.

"My favorite yoga practice to connect with my intuition is silence. Silence in my practice helps me to turn inward and connect with my Spirit. For me, intuition is the voice of my Spirit.

Sometimes in my day-to-day life, it can be hard to keep listening to myself. Going from one appointment to the other, checking off my to do list and the day is over before I know it. Starting my day with a meditation, journaling and/or an asana practice helps me to create a moment for silence and to start the day in a high vibration. On the mat, I learn tools to listen to myself, to feel what I am truly feeling and to be more instead of only doing. For me the key to connect with my intuition and to live a more loving life."

Nadja Pfister

Mother of 2, yoga teacher, traveler, enjoying life, taking care of herself, taking care of the world.

"The most important yoga practice for me is to quiet my thoughts. Sometimes it is by concentrating on asanas, or focus on my breath, but mostly by getting my thoughts busy with my personal mantra given to me personally by a guru in the Indian Himalayas.

What I love about using my mantra is that I can use it wherever I am. When I am awake in the middle of the night, while I am waiting for my turn in the supermarket, while I am driving or when I feel excited before teaching yoga."

Jolanda Marti

Mother of 3, photographer and videographer, Instagram fanatic and blogger at

I think intuition is always there, but it's overruled by rational thoughts and doubts, pushed away to the side and ignored. Most of the time we look back at situations and think "Wow, I knew there was something wrong there", so for me, it is more about learning to trust those feelings when I feel them. Not doubting myself. It's the Niyama Ishvara Pranidhana of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.

Whenever I'm taking good care of myself I feel more clear in separating random thoughts from intuition. For me that means sleeping enough hours, taking time for my yoga routine, spending time in my garden and allowing myself to be creative. Those little things can make all the difference.

Lilith Moon

Lilith Moon is a yoga teacher and shamanic practitioner based in Findhorn, Scotland, helping women to reconnect to their inner knowing, beauty & power with Shamanic Yoga.

Bhramari Pranayama, the humming bee breath. I learned this practice in India during my yoga teacher training. I love it so much because it connects me to a very happy place inside myself almost instantly!

Debby Ixchel

Debby is the founder of Luna Circle & Bohemian Dreams. She's an intuitive leadership alchemist, certified yoga teacher, and a traveling single mom with a Master's Degree in Linguistics. With the work that she does, she wants to help women remember their inner truth by connecting with their intuition so that they can deepen their spiritual journey and live their true soul desires.

The thing that connects me most with my intuition is the constant and consistent practice of presence. Luckily, yoga helps with that in all aspects. I become more present with my thoughts, with my driving motivations, with my inner truth and with the Universal life force we call Prana in Sanskrit. Now, I don't believe we need to be super advanced yogis for that, I don't believe advanced yogis are better at it than beginner yogis, or that beginner yogis are worse than advanced yogis at being present.

It has NOTHING to do with how we perform, but it has everything to do with how we perceive. So for me, asana and meditation practice are a great gift to tune into those deeper layers of my inner being. For others, it might be in journaling, tarot, chanting,... I could write an endless list, but you probably get the point. What matters most is that we need to take time for reflection, even if just a couple of minutes per day, when having a cup of tea - sure, that's when I get the best intuitive nudges...

Also, reading the Yoga Sutras has definitely helped me to tap into the bigger scheme of things. I used to feel like I was a victim, things always happened to me and I was rather pessimistic. Starting out with the Yamas and Niyamas has definitely given me the tools to find out what my inside self was whispering to me.

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