About Debby

Debby Ixchel is a spirit led writer, yogi, and Hispanist, helping mothers to shine bright by learning the language of their light. Debby's purpose is to encourage mothers that feel disconnected to invoke their creative and mystic medicine by following their inner whisper.

Debby as a young teenager initiated her pilgrimage of the soul in search of her truth. This lead to her living in Spain at the age of 18, shedding a light on her cultural belief system. After finishing her Hispanic Studies, she lived in Central America where her love for spirituality, culture, and sacred sites all merged together.

When her daughter Luna was born prematurely, she found herself a single mom. Her body was running on empty after having faced death during her labor. Debby's daughter continues to inspire her to follow her heart and live the best example.

  1. Loves to travel. Worked and lived in Spain and Nicaragua (Central America).
  2. To be found on Instagram stories daily.
  3. Needs to spend time in nature and sacred sites to feel grounded and connected.
  4. Devoted to learning and following her inner language of light whispers.
  5. Yoga instructor and coach with a demonstrated history of working in the online media industry.

Debby's work is connected to trainings and courses she has studied in, including magical realism, Hatha yoga, A Course In Miracles, intuitive development, Video Business School, Signature Life Coaching Academy, and intercultural communication. Her work is highly invocating and initiating.

Short bio:

  • Born in 1988, grew up in a rural town in the south of the Netherlands, studied BA Humanities (Spanish Language and Culture) at the Radboud University Nijmegen, finished her MA Linguistics (Intercultural Communication specialized in Hispanism). Certified Dynamic Hatha Yoga Teacher studying a 3 year in-depth course with Ron van der Post.
  • Single mama to Luna Cataleya. Always reading at least 3 books at the same time.
  • Arnoldina is one of her middle names, as is her mother and daughter‘s and sister’s, in the lineage of her grandmother.
  • Debby is a typical introvert: she loves to spend time with her soul and goes to bed early to ensure she gets enough sleep.

Intuitive invocation has become her passion, combined with the ancient knowledge of yoga and deep cultural transformation. Debby is known for being of spiritual service and devoting her life to the initiation of the rise of feminine alchemy and leadership.

She can see how you're NOT showing up and will show you who you truly are. As you're starting to really fall in love with your true SELF, your unwavering trust will help emerge that radiating version of the real YOU.


Prior to writing her book and coaching, Debby's positioned herself as an online content creator and influencer through her social media presence addressing a wide range of topics like single motherhood, traveling, and conscious living. She's also been teaching the Spanish language.

Originally from a rural small town in the Netherlands, she followed her inner voice traveling far and wide, to settle back down in her country of birth.

Are you ready?

Debby's mission is to continue to rise like a phoenix – and do her part to support conscious, spiritual and mystical mothers like you – until we ALL live out our purpose. Standing out without feeling guilty as a passion-driven woman who knows that everything she envisioned is real.

Are you ready to change your life? It's AMAZING and all it takes is a decision to be devoted to serve your Highest Self. The best thing is, all the answers are already inside of you.

Let's work together

Stand for the and

  1. She believes we can have it all. All it takes is a daily decision to take a baby step.
  2. Yoga philosophy hands clear guidelines for following the path to your own divinity.
  3. Reading is essential for self development.
  4. Put your own oxygen mask first. You are the oxygen they need to breathe.
  5. Find a teacher, coach, or mentor to guide you. The teacher will appear when the student is ready. After the work is done, the student knows how to go about it alone.

Debby's core values:

  • Devotion & Passionate Alignment
  • High-Quality Life & Being Of Service
  • Intimacy, Community & Vulnerability
  • Self-Love Alchemy
  • Authenticity & Creative Innovation


Brand photography by Mariët Mons & Joyce Jacobs
Workshop photopgraphy by Denise van Vroenhoven & Shanti Keur