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I'm Debby. I'm a wanderer, yogi, conscious entrepreneur and single mom - not necessarily in that order.

Two years ago I hit rock bottom…

I had faced death giving birth to my daughter Luna, my body was totally burnt down. I slept as much as I could to regain strength. On top of all that, I found myself a single mom. He never looked back. I took care of my daughter to the best of my ability while I was physically, mentally and emotionally broken.

I slept around 15 hours a day. I suffered a devastating combination of post-traumatic stress disorder, postpartum depression and a complete burn-out. It felt as if the earth had slipped away beneath my feet. Have you ever felt this way?

Deep down I knew I was meant for something bigger. I’m a firm believer of things happening for a reason. I wasn't ready for the heavens yet. I have a task to complete here on earth. My purpose is to help women discover their spiritual gifts so that they can offer their services from a place of alignment rather than just following strategies and templates: unleashing that inner goddess.

You deserve to dream and play big!

So instead of drowning in the mess I found myself in, I remembered that I’m a freaking mermaid. I can breathe underwater and swim at depths most would drown in. My dreams of traveling the world were still calling me, this time it’d be with my daughter though.

During this process, I promised myself that I would show my daughter that your dreams are meant to come true. And that's why I started my online business: Luna Circle.

That same business soon turned into a 9 to 9 prison (even worse than a 9 to 5 job!) and I felt totally uninspired by my offer.

I was about to give up my dream after changing my niche for 4 times in a year, implementing all the strategies I was taught in business coaching courses.

While all I wanted was to be able to be with my daughter more. Who was I kidding?

My daughter had been such a fighter in the incubator, she inspired me to rise. I was determined to create a life I loved to show her the beauty of it.

  • Made a big and bold investment and hired two business coaches (despite the fact that I had no idea how to pay for it, a.k.a. quantum leaping).
  • Took my daughter to beautiful destinations like Spain and Mexico watching her play on white sandy beaches while doing yoga. Did I mention we’re planning a Euro trip for the summer yet?
  • Oh, and, I almost forgot! I bought my first boho chic Free People dress upgrading my wardrobe to conscious fashion with my abundant wealth mindset (where I used to believe that single moms always had to make ends meet).


I guide female entrepreneurs on embodying their leadership position intuitively. That means I can see what your clients need from you in order to buy from you, simply by taking a look at your marketing.

I can see how you're NOT showing up and I know what the issue is and how to create a new belief by taking the right action. That's why I can get you results really quick.

As you're starting to really fall in love with what you do, clients will knock on your door because of your blatant confidence radiating.

Are you ready?

My mission is to continue to rise like a phoenix – and do my part to support conscious, bold and visionary women like you – until we ALL have the lives we want. Standing out without feeling guilty as a passion-driven woman who knows that everything she envisioned is real.

Are you ready to change your life? I know you want it, and it's AMAZING.

Brand photography by Mariët Mons & Luna Vandoorne

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