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Mother Medicine

Initiate your sublime true soul reclaiming your energy and light. How do you harmonize carrying out your purpose with family life being the mother and partner your family deserves? Call yourself home now.


You can live a soul led purposeful life combined with your already demanding family life.

A path to bring you home remembering who you truly are.

This book takes you on a spiritual journey to the inner wisdom of your womanhood.

How do you reclaim your energy and light?

Discover all of this and more in the book and with the help of the practical workbook and exercises to guide you.


Do you feel like your light is dim carrying out your #momlife responsibilities?

Do you sense an inner calling guiding you to remember your brilliance?

Do you want to carry out your soul's desires while not depleting your energy nor giving up spending family time with your children?

Let this book inspire you to reclaim your energy and call your light back into your life.

Your inner nudges will always guide you. It probably hurts more to ignore it than to open up to the possibility of something BIG calling you to rise. But how do you let go of the idea this this is just another obstacle taking away from your peace and your already busy daily schedule?

You don't want add yet another obligation to your life when you already feel like you don't have time. You're afraid you'll end up burnt out. How can you open up to surrender and let yourself be guided by the Great Mother?

What is the foundation of a spiritual practice? It shouldn't be another endeavour or a mountain to climb. It should make you feel like you can move mountains with one single breath! This book will give you practical insights and tools to connect with your deepest soul desires.

Mother Medicine

Discover how you can

  • learn to hear your inner whisper calling to you (your higher self, the Great Mother, Medicine Woman)
  • experience more harmony, energy, peace, trust, and surrender
  • show up to your family from a place of replenishment

"The book is about self-acceptance, looking back at your life and learning from what is behind you, about caring for your inner child and about growth and awareness. But above all it is about tuning in to your own wisdom and intuition. And about love - especially love for yourself - that allows you to be who you are.

You don't have to be a mother if you want to be touched by Debby's words, because every woman has a mother. It is the part in you that is nurturing, protective, that creates things (or life) and sets the world in motion.

Debby writes in a mysterious and wild way and she has an open, vulnerable, deep and extroverted way of telling. With her experiences and life story, she exposes her heart and soul and gives you the feeling that you know her well. The channeled messages touch you deeply, time after time, and she weaves her words with advice and knowledge, deep reflection questions, all in beautiful descriptions.

By sharing her words, thoughts and experiences, she can bring nothing more than self-knowledge, compassion, love and growth to the person who reads it."


Start to see the signs of your soul calling your attention

Have practical exercises and tools to integrate in your spiritual practice

Experience the result of balancing your chakras

Have learned how to mother yourself first

Know how to connect with that part of you that wants to live your truth

Take up the space you let others take up now

Let the Triple Goddess and the holistic anatomy help you heal holistically

"Debby takes you on her bumpy road to adulthood and motherhood. A candid book in which Debby exposes her whole soul and encourages you to do the same as a reader. Her catchy personal pieces make you feel directly connected to her, whether you recognize yourself in it or not. I personally didn't recognize myself in her life story, but that didn't make it any less interesting. I liked seeing life through someone else's eyes. Someone where the path to adult life has had more holes and bumps than mine.

Whether you are already a mother or perhaps want to become a mother, this is a book that can give you beautiful insights into your way here and beyond. This book catches everyone's attention because there is something familiar in it for everyone and therefore you will sometimes have to laugh out loud or cry while reading the beautiful personal pieces.

Debby gives you tools to get started with yourself. Each chapter has a new topic that goes along with a phase of life, a corresponding chakra and a fine accessible assignment All in all, I think it is a beautiful and educational book, even though I am not yet a mother! Highly recommended for every young woman who wants to get more out of life."

Debby Ixchel (32) is the founder of Luna Circle. As a holistic coach, she aims to provide mothers with more energy and light in their lives. Debby combines her knowledge in the field of yoga, intuitive development, culture and linguistics. Her unique view of spirituality provides a fresh and innovative view of what is possible. Probably more than you first thought.

When her daughter Luna was born prematurely, she found herself a single mom. Her body was running on empty after having faced death during her labor.

The dark pilgrimage that Debby's soul traveled has led her to something bigger. In the darkness of her depression she felt the power of the Great Mother, she who led her back to the light and her calling. She felt called to share her spiritual insights with other mothers. She could no longer ignore this calling. She relied on the path that unfolded before her.

If you feel that your light is dim, let this book inspire you to bring back your energy and light into your life. Your soul always calls you and carries you with its warm embrace. It is time for you to remember who you are without a doubt.

It's time for you, too, to remember who you are without a doubt and take up that space.

In this book you will gain access to the inner wisdom of your femininity with the help of the Ashtanga yoga philosophy and the journey from Daughter to Medicine Woman. It comes with a useful workbook, full of meditations and exercises.

"Debby's book 'Mother Medicine' takes you on a journey through her own life. In all honesty, she shares her ups and downs and how she dealt with them. At the same time, there is room in each chapter to work on yourself and reflect on your own life. The chakras are discussed and Debby has clear messages for you as a reader. I also like the fact that there is always an exercise or meditation that allows you to get started right away.

In one of the last chapters I was very impressed by the explanation of her names and underlying person. It got me thinking about myself. I had never thought about that myself. I would recommend this book to any woman looking for a spiritual journey in need of deepening. Come along and get to know yourself!"

"A very beautiful, personal and openly written book which has brought me many new insights. My biggest insight: Trust your intuition. "The world needs you."

Debby made herself vulnerable when writing this book, which even occasionally gave me tears in my eyes. This book encourages taking action.

My favorite part of the book was chapter 4, it is very personally written. It was strongly emphasized that Debby has followed her heart and that it created difficult situations but ultimately had a lot of meaning to her. It allows me to reflect on choices I have made in my life and when I have purely followed my heart in this.

I recommend this book for all (young) women who want to open themselves up to reflection and develop themselves spiritually."


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Yes! Even though Debby wrote the book for busy moms who feel disconnected from the core of their being, many of the shared tools, theories and exercises can be applied holistically - free of gender, roles, age, etc. Other than that, you might just be curious about reading Debby's story. You don't have to live the #momlife to give yourself permission ;-). This book is for you. If you feel it calling you, it's yours.

You don’t need to be flexible to start doing yoga, that’s a common misunderstanding. Yoga can perfectly be done as a beginner. Know that yoga is a means and not a purpose, for more awareness and flexibility both on and off the mat. The mat is your mirror for daily life. We study yoga to get out of our minds and open the energy courses in our bodies so that we can be in the right space to receive guidance. In this book, you will get a wide idea of both the philosophy and the exercises to get familiar with the yoga lifestyle.