I  C A N  O N L Y  H E L P  Y O U  R E M E M B E R  T H E  L I G H T  N E V E R  S T O P P E D  S H I N I N G

a cloud does not put out the sun.

It's just a foggy veil that obscures your brightness and true understanding of life

The good news is:

you're not alone.

we're all in this together.

deep down we know we deserve it all.

or even better: it's already here.

peace and love, forever calling your name.

intuitive leadership is my passion.

just like establishing deep, nourishing human connections.

the bohemian dream membership is a wonderful perfect circle of sisterhood where we can all explore living a life from within...

...which in the long run will be far more satisfying than trying to fix it with outer distractions that never get you to where you want to be.

thank you for being part of the Luna Circle movement.

I can't wait to see how your journey unfolds.

G E T  A C C E S S  F O R  O N L Y  €33  A  M O N T H
(20% discount because I value you following my content!)
(cancel anytime)

Here's what's in it for you monthly:

  • monthly themes focusing on love and presence
  • october: visibility
  • one training/month depending on the topic of choice
  • access to a private online facebook community
  • a yoga class, meditation & golden whisper
  • quarterly live call/Q&A to connect with our members live
  • my shared inspirational resources library
  • live challenges and other fun surprises
  • guidance, love and compassion
  • stories to share
  • discount on my coaching packages
  • coaching opportunities (i’m very accessible)
  • supportive, connective, creative energy
I absolutely love being a Bohemian Dream Member! Even though the community is still a bit small at the moment, it’s a close group of amazing individuals who encourage, support and help each other where they can. And our Bohemian Dream Mama Debby is the most amazing guide and coach there is. She feeds us awesome content, creates beautiful meditations for us and helps, supports and cheers us on wherever she can. Also, she can see right through ‘lame’ excuses and is not afraid to give you her honest opinion. That’s what I love about her, her total and complete honesty and devotion to our community.
So, long story short (too late) come join us and be part of this amazing group of power women, can’t wait to meet you!
- Leela Leni

I love being part of the membership. The energy and warmth in the group is uplifting. I especially love the trainings about various topics from intuition to creating a daily yoga routine to more business oriented themes. But it's always about the spirituality, in a way. This has renewed my thirst for my own practice, which I am so happy for. Debby has so much knowledge and experiences to share, it is inspiring!

I've already started to dream even BIGGER in the newly sparked knowledge and trust that I can make my dreams come true; to live a life of a bohemian goddess 

Thank you Debby
- Piia Tamminen