Tünde van Hoek

"Before working with Debby, I struggled with the overwhelm that comes with an upcoming business launch. I was unsure about what my social media strategy was going to be, and I found it difficult to find a balance between focusing on my upcoming launch and relaxing to recharge my battery.

Debby helped me create my very own morning yoga routine by combining my favorite yoga poses, and that has been an absolute lifesaver! I practice this routine every morning now. Even though I'm still a beginner when it comes to yoga, this yoga routine helps me to stay grounded throughout my busy days and I feel so much more balanced--an absolute must for any business launch, right?

Debby also gave me very helpful pointers so that I could outline my social media strategy more well-informed. She has a way of listening without any judgment, has a solution-focused mindset instead of a problem-focused mindset, and all in all, she's a very inspirational human. I would recommend the Bohemian Business Intensive to anyone who is in the early stages of her business, currently facing overwhelm because of this wall of to-do lists and tasks, and wants to start her business from a strong foundation of self-care and without burning oneself out."

Tünde van HoekPersuasive Communication Coach
Aca Siwabessy Stoffels

"Last year I quit my job to start my own business. It took a lot of guts to make that decision, but what step comes after that? I didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted to do exactly and was tempted to do what I always do, work hard and wait... Debby helped me to build up my self-confidence and my vision as an entrepreneur. She showed me that you don’t have to be perfect to start your own business, you just learn along the way! She learned me how to transform my dreams and ideas into specific services and products from a commercial point of view.

After three months of coaching I can say that I’m a proud entrepreneur, who talks about her business with passion and confidence. I have a vision of what I want to achieve with my business and started to build up my products and services. Debby asks the right questions with impeccable timing. She combines a spiritual lifestyle with ‘businesstalk’ and that makes her way of work well balanced and complete.

Get up, show up and dream bigger! That’s what Debby told me and that’s what I’m telling you. Do you want to take your ambitions to the next level? Are you willing to be held accountable for your plans and actions and do you want to overcome doubt and insecurites as an entrepreneur? Then Debby is your girl!"

Aca Siwabessy StoffelsWriter and Creator
Sarie Stegeman

"I was at a loss in both my personal life and in my business. Upon getting to know Debby -and lots of other beautiful strong women- through her Facebook group, I realized that one was aggravating the other and that I needed to tackle blockages in both areas to get some headspace and rise up again. My life goals and business goals are heavily intertwined, as I will be moving into our RV this year and travel Europe while selling my art internationally online.

Debby manages to take all my plans, dreams, hopes and accomplishments and then helps me explore where I can make changes and how I want to grow in pursuit of my dreams. With her, I feel someone has my back, simultaneously adding a little discipline and extra motivation to stick to my goals. I am now able to take everything I already know and have reflected on, and transform this into manageable actions backed up by theory and experience. Breaking it up into small steps I have now achieved more peace of mind and built up positive energy by starting a morning routine (which I love and makes my feel so good!) and finally took action to clean all the clutter from my life and workplace. Go minimal lifestyle!

I especially love all the course materials Debby includes in her program which I can work through in my own pace and time, taking exactly what I need at a given point in time. I now feel more confident that I will be able to build a manageable and organized business that radiates with me on a deeper personal level and will grow to sustain my dreams, rather than stressing me out and wearing me down. More so, I feel I am not only changing the way I run my business, but I'm creating a whole new way of life; tailored to everything I am and all I aspire to be."

Sarie StegemanArtist and Designer
Kim van den Broek

"Before I started the coaching sessions with Debby, I can honestly say that I lost track of my inner self. I was mostly living my life by the expectations of others rather than my own. Still, I was dreaming of becoming my true self and to chase my dreams that felt unrealistic at that moment. I didn’t know where to start or how to start and I didn’t know if I could make it through. But when I started to invest in the coaching sessions, I felt the change in just a couple of weeks! The beginning was a bit rough, turning into myself and my body wasn’t easy but it was so worth it. Debby took me on a journey to my inner self. Her way of coaching felt a bit like ‘coming home’. I felt really comfortable to open up and to share my thoughts with her. The insights she gave me were eye opening and it felt like I was becoming more myself session after session. Taking everything step by step.

I needed to take care of my body which I really didn’t in the beginning. I quit smoking and drinking and became more aware of my body. I started yoga and meditation and that has given me a lot more rest. I never thought I would cherish the moments I have for myself because I was always rushing and was afraid to be alone with myself and I think that that is one of the major changes I made. Now knowing that I am my own boss and that every choice I make is in my own hands. Not feeling the need to have confirmation from anyone but myself. But also showing my emotions and not holding back. Step by step I was becoming one with my body. But most of all I learned how to stand up for myself and my beliefs. To show the world who I really am. Let go of the negativity around me and to focus on myself. To have more structure in my life and to know what I want. Traveling the world is one of my biggest dreams and that felt unrealistic because I overwhelmed myself saying that I need to do it as fast as possible. And by rushing this idea it felt I could never do that but I know one day I will, just taking it step by step. There has been so much positive energy flowing into my life and I am grateful for taking this step. I am learning to love myself and I think that is the most priceless thing in life. I really can recommend the coaching with Debby to all those women who want more in their life than a 9 to 5 living. It will definitely open your eyes and you are capable of so much more than you think. ‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.'"

Kim van den Broek
Eva JL

"When I first heard about Debby’s course, I was hesitant to buy the package, because I thought it cost a lot of money. The assignments made me think of myself and made me feel powerful. I’m worth spending this amount on my own growth. I got to know myself better and started taking action very quick. I started following my own intuition more and started to listen to myself. I also wanted to speak up more and be more honest in both my work and personal life. I finally had the courage to be honest and say what I wanted to say. It felt so deliberating! I really feel like people should now take me for who I truly am and I have so much to offer.

Debby's coaching makes me feel so empowered! You are a goddess and you already have everything inside you that you need. It makes you uncover everything that you have been hiding from yourself, or how you're talking small to yourself. It gives you the courage to walk your own path and see what YOU want. The yoga and meditation lessons are also of big value to me, since I can do them whenever I like to. Debby's course gave me tools to develop a personal morning and evening ritual. I am now convinced that once you keep up with your goals and where you are going clear daily, it will happen."

Eva JL
Anne-Mieke de Veer

"Debby's coaching is very suitable for women who are looking for a new turn in their lives. We often struggle with the same things for so long. Work, family, household etc. We are just satisfied with it (or not) and just take things for granted. I tend to disagree! We are worth more. I am worth more! And that's why I wanted to be coached by Debby. It is a true investment for yourself. Re-discover yourself, release what doesn't serve you any longer and experience moments of time for yourself. Being there for yourself.

The biggest change I felt was the realization of how badly I actually took care of myself, I went way past my own boundaries and wanted to dream about a different future, but simply didn't know where to start. There was a lack of courage and knowing how I could handle this. Setting a goal has ensured that I can start building my new future step by step, without being selfless. The information and assignments from the workbooks and Debby's 1:1 coaching sessions have made a very valuable contribution. Slowly my new dream life is building up. I become more aware of myself, my own attitude and the environment around me. New positive life energy is created in a continuous flow! Of course, I doubted in advance whether I should start with this and whether it would be worth the investment. I know now: yes it definitely is! Your success is in your own hands!"

Anne-Mieke de Veer