Private yoga and coaching to help you rekindle your connection with the Light of your Soul

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Do you feel a desire for deeper connections? But instead, you’re afraid people will not accept you if you come out of the spiritual closet so you stick to the draining small talk: "What are your plans for the weekend? The weather really sucks." 

Do you feel the need to spend time alone? But instead, you skip your spiritual practice and dive right into your to-do-list every day. You're taking care of everyone but yourself. When you do choose to take time to relax and reconnect, you feel like you're missing out.

Do you feel there's something bigger calling you to find your path? But instead, you're constantly crossing your own boundaries because you're afraid to be a Debbie Downer. You have a deep inner knowing that you're not doing what you're meant to do in this life, but you feel exhausted after you bring the kids to bed. You have no idea where to start.


You might feel like it's selfish toward your family and you don't have time to practice self care and boundaries to protect your energy...

You might feel that you’re trapped in society’s mediocre expectations and that your only escape is your weekly yoga class…

You might feel like you hit an emotional, physical, or spiritual rock bottom soon if you keep going on survival mode at the same pace...

Can you please cut yourself some slack? Don’t worry about all those amazing Instagram moms. You’ve forgotten about yourself for a while putting others (your family) first and decided to stay put being the people pleaser that you are. Meanwhile, you wonder what it is that other mothers have, that you don’t. Why can't you just wear all the hats? On top of that, your own friends and family just won’t approve of your ideas when you try to make changes. They think you’re crazy, and you started believing they are right about you. Lady, please know:


And as far as I know, mermaids are afraid of shallow living. So let’s dive deep.


Follow your heart and shine your light doing what calls you from within?

Feel magnetic and connected?

Make choices that feel aligned with who you truly are without
asking yourself if you're worthy or feeling guilty?

Feel like the woman you forgot about within your role as a mother?

Create more time for to replenish through self care without giving up on other things?

Not worry about deliberately making plans to switch things
in your life but rather let it flow naturally as you feel called?


This year, Debby was wearing all the hats. Being a single mom, she worked a fulltime job, had 2.5 hours of daily commute, and taught a weekly hot yoga class. Next to that, she started building a new relationship, tried to spend quality time with her daughter, and was learning Italian. Did she mention she had quite a social life as well? Debby’s been where you are and she's kept ignoring the signs until she hit rock bottom. And she hit it hard as it wasn't the first time. Knowing it was an opportunity rather than a punishment, Debby's done everything she could to come back home to herself, speak her language of light and create her own culture - and she's here to help you do the same.

Debby is not going to change you. She will help you see who you truly are. She is the living proof that you can truly become a vibrant woman who’s being herself unapologetically. She grew up being very shy, was extremely introverted and very much to herself. Playing small was her middle name. Debby was just scared to put herself out there, being raised as a small-town girl.

Until one day her love for languages and cultures evolved in wanting to travel and explore. To actually LIVE those stories and adventures that she held so dear. So she traveled. To come home to her Soul and learn to speak her own Language. In the meantime, she’s worked her way through depression, PTSD, burnout and facing death due to HELLP syndrome. In the Dark Pilgrimage of the Soul she got to hear her inner whisper giving herself the permission to rise.

AFTER this 1:1 Mini Retreat Day you'll have

  • Worked on your inner recalibration and learned how to question your mental schemes and habit patterns for lasting change

  • A way to align your outer expression of life with the inner whispers of your Soul

  • Become your own best friend and learned how to mother your needs

  • A tailored yoga and meditation practice to root in authenticity, self-love and self-confidence

  • Raised your standards to devote to your Higher Self

  • Make self-care a priority when it comes to balancing your work, private, family and romantic life

  • A crystal clear vision because you trust the next step on your path

  • Become the unapologetic woman you’ve always wanted to be!

(Offer in video does not exist anymore, but Debby's advice in this video certainly does)


That's why Debby created this One-on-One Mini Retreat for spiritual moms - who want to shine their light feeling electric, protect their energy, and be the mother and wife their family deserves, but always be a woman first. This 1:1 day is a truly unique opportunity to experience Debby's one-of-a-kind individual attention and coaching, private tailored yoga and meditation, and support from your very own Soul celebrating you for devoting to your Golden Whisper.


In your overcrowded mom life, this is the one space where you can evolve from stressed, unfulfilled, and exhausted to purposeful, conscious, and (wildly) intuitive - and finally feel like you belong. Debby designed this intensive for women who've always known they came here with a double mission. Women who dream of serving the world by devoting to a Higher Purpose being the most real version of themselves. Women who feel called to step into their calling more fully.

Is this 1:1 Mini Retreat right for you?


Finding yourself canceling appointments with friends while that supposedly should be the one thing this week to do something fun for yourself?

Feeling guilty and like a failure because every mom seems to just pull it off, but you don't?

Trying to take care of everyone else wanting to take away their stress, but yourself?

Worried before you go to sleep about how many hours of sleep you'll be able to catch tonight and if tomorrow will be the same draining day with your body running on empty?

Worried that life is suffocating you?

Trying to hold up your tears when you start thinking about what to do, at work, under the shower, or at night in your bed?

Grieving the loss of your life without children while they are, at the same time, your greatest blessing?


Then the 1:1 Mini Retreat is for you!


I'm not here to fix anyone. 

I'm ready to honor my sensitive nature.

Protecting my energy is my priority.

Saying no is a healthy way to set boundaries.

By protecting my energy all the people that don't make me feel good will magically fall away
while I start attracting amazing people into my life.

I have a heart so open that it's a portal for everything that ever was and ever will be.

I don't owe anyone an explanation for feeling what I feel.

My sensitivity is my strength and source of intuition.


A sense of coming home to yourself. Debby offers this 1:1 Mini Retreat for both new and experienced yogi moms who want to live a rawthentic experience, and are ready to feel carried by speaking their Language of Light.

Getting to know how to speak your Soul's Language means knowing how to discern your truth from the illusion, you will see clearly what your boundaries are and give voice to them - lovingly and tenderly. Every 'no' to someone else is a full 'yes' to yourself.

Debby will share with you her own experience, examples, and mind shifts as a single mother juggling with time, goals, and attention so that you can find acknowledgment. You're not weak, you're wild and woke!

She will help you create an Emergency Electricity Equipment that will help you spark up your light when it is dimmed. What do YOU need to feel aligned? How can you create a life on the outside that resonates with you on the inside? What to do when you feel suffocated, as if you're losing grip?


Extensive welcome pack

5 hour online 1:1 day with inbetween breaks
(e-mail info@debbyixchel.com if you want to book an offline retreat day in Eindhoven, the Netherlands)

Private tailored yoga & meditation class

Kickstart speaking your Language of Light

Get unstuck setting new goals together

Bonus 30 min. follow up coach call for accountability

Bonus 2 card instant intuitive oracle reading

€444 (ex. EU VAT)

Yes, I’m ready to embody my infinite potential.

Debby's unique approach is very holistic - so prepare for shedding some layers to rise from within.

Sign up by application ONLY. Spots are limited, and it's first come, first serve.
Click the image below to apply and schedule your FREE call.


Depending on whether you want an online or offline day, Debby will confirm your booking date and place. Your day will be planned within 45 days upon purchase. You'll instantly get access to your Welcome Packet. The Mini Retreat will be from 9:30 AM CET until 4:00 PM CET. The best part is that you’ll have Debby's one-on-one support to leap into the real version of yourself. The earlier you sign up, the more chance you have to plan your calls freely in Debby's available schedule - you're a mom, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

You don’t need to be flexible to start doing yoga, that’s a common misunderstanding. Yoga can perfectly be done as a beginner. Know that yoga is a means and not a purpose, for more awareness and flexibility both on and off the mat. The mat is your mirror for daily life. We study yoga to get out of our minds and open the energy courses in our bodies so that we can be in the right space to receive guidance.

Debby understands your fear, as she was there too. She can only tell you that indecision won't get you anywhere. If you have absolutely no idea of what you want, what you can do or what you believe in, this intensive is not a good idea for you, as she won't be able to help you.

But if you feel something calling you and know that you have something to put out there, but you're still looking for the right shape of it, this is your place!

The clarity and focus you get during this day provide a sense of anchoring in the Self. And from that anchor you will see new opportunities for you arise...

Listen, we know how exciting it is to grow. To become a happier person. To lose the sense of control and walk an unknown path. It scares the shit out of you. And at the same time it's an adventure you desire and dream of.

Focus on the desire, not on your fears! Because deep in your heart, you know that being guided by fear, won't get you anywhere. That you suppress yourself from growing. And that,  dear sister, is a waste of your precious time on this beautiful earth. Because you deserve a life filled with happiness, gratitude, and joy, doing what you love.

At Luna Circle you are not alone. You are personally supported by Debby. You are also part of a beautiful community of women who help and support you. Women who, like you, are taking the next important steps to their dream lives. The place where you, with her guidance, will take the necessary steps to a place where you can move with confidence, faith, and an unwavering trust, and meet the right people.

The misconception is that you only have one chance. That's totally untrue. At Luna Circle, Debby teaches you that you're always creating new opportunities, and the moments where things fail are just a step away from achieving your goal. She teaches you that it's not about the outcome. It's just a way for you to get closer to what you really want to call in. The law of nature is increase. Therefore, it's not crazy to implement changes gradually. That does not mean that you’re a failure and have to give up, and that's where most women go wrong. Inspired action is the key to vibrating higher.

Nobody feels comfortable leaving their comfort zone showing more of their true self. Even Debby, still, after all those years. But somewhere you know very well that doing nothing and playing small and safe is not an option. This day is one on one, so just Debby and you, no group coaching here.

Do not say to yourself that it does not matter that people don't know you and the greatness you have to offer to the world. Because you are afraid that you have nothing to offer and afraid of the judgment of others. That fear becomes a problem in your life if you continue to ignore it and you will stick with negativity. Show up for yourself! If you don't do it, who else will?

Turn your fears into inspiration! Know that you are in the right place to get support and help. Everything is possible and you do not have to do it alone!

Of course, there are more roads leading to Rome. You can read books about self-esteem, set goals, work efficiently, do yoga, meditate, visualize .... All that can be very insightful, but will not tell you in what way to bring out your Language of Light. What steps to take to do so. Just like practicing yoga: you can not learn from a book, you have to do it.

Or you can take your steps following your own insights without coaching, and find your authentic way through many detours. This is very time consuming and very expensive. In addition, you do not always have access to all the knowledge and information you would like. In coaching together, Debby will help you explore your abilities and capacities, she will push you to let go of what doesn’t serve you and embody your full potential, and she will share her own experience and knowledge with you where needed. You deserve that. You invest in the short way.

Debby is not here to compare her services to other people’s services, she just knows how she can serve her wonderful clients best. Her coaching is one-of-a-kind because she's walked the talk for you, she's very aware of the infinite opportunities that lie ahead of you. Unfortunately, Debby's hit rock bottom more than once. And now she's determined to bring all the women to the next level with all she has.

She has the knowledge and experience ready to know how to use yoga on the path to self-realization. That information is worth gold. In her coaching she focuses on being a space holder that's entirely devoted to her personal realization and feminine energy alchemy, so that she can open up the portal as a divine vessel.

You’ll be personally guided by Debby and together you’ll find out what YOUR deepest desires are so that she can support you in taking the next steps. Transparency, integrity and the relationship with her clients always come first. She will hold your hand and guide you, step-by-step to implement everything holding you accountable. This alone is worth 5 times the value of a yoga retreat.

Debby has been part of a 6-month coaching academy so she did learn and master professional coaching skills and has practiced with many test clients before she started charging for her services. Because she has invested in coaching and mentoring, she knows what it takes to be a good coach, and what it’s like to be a good coachee.

She walked the talk, made her mistakes - and nothing beats practical experience. She knows what it's like to take a leap, to be disappointed and to go through major setbacks. A lot of people in Debby's audience have known her for longer and they know that she was at the bottom and had to crawl up again from a very dark space. If she can, you can too. She's all about transparency so what you see is what you get. During her paid coaching you'll go on a way deeper level.

Here at Luna Circle we are committed to taking care of ourselves as a Culture, fear does not stop us, "not having the money" doesn't stop us. Instead, we find the money to do what our hearts are calling us to, and when we do this, the money flows in. None of these stories matter because we are not willing to play small! We are not willing to stay the same and instead, we are ferociously connected to the growth that is required for doubling and tripling both profit and passion and we are clear that changing our internal landscape is the only way to impact our outer realities.

Getting in touch with your divine purpose is an investment in yourself and your future, which you will still have a long and profitable benefit from. More connection with yourself and who you truly are, will make you grow bigger and bigger and get more of what you're looking for.

If this is a financial stretch for you, it feels like a present you gift to yourself. You really want it so bad, and it's really something that you need. It should be a financial stretch for you in order to get the results that you want. The investment will make you commit to yourself, to gain knowledge and hold you accountable to actually take the next step. The price will be a stretch for you, for your power to create, for your comfort zone and for you to allow yourself to receive the new.

By paying this price you give yourself permission to see that you're worth it.

Have you considered that children can actually be assets and motivators for your goals, rather than obstacles?

This is how Debby's daughter inspires her daily to be an audacious entrepreneur and be the best version of herself... Showing her that it's perfectly possible to live life on your own terms.

Absolutely! This fear has everything to do with timing. And a little bit of uncertainty. During our coaching, you get rid of the myth that you need to be "better, more beautiful, more flexible, richer" to fulfill your dream first. The focus is on what you have to give and all the possibilities in your life that belong to it.

Yes, you will! As long as you’re feeling disconnected from the core of your being – feeling drained, suffocated, taking care of everyone else but you – you can benefit from this intensive. Debby can help you anchor, connect with your soul's Golden Whisper so you can learn your Language of Light.