Are you tired of making efforts to "arrive" somewhere, but only feeling like you're running away from yourself?

You know you're the one responsible for managing and protecting your energy, but you sort of keep losing track between your job, taking care of your kids and doing your household?

You thought you’d do some at home yoga, but have no clue where to start deepening your spiritual practice.


You might be afraid that adding another thing to what is already on your plate is going to make you feel overwhelmed...

You might feel that you’re stuck in society’s mediocre expectations and still feel guilty for wanting more in life...

You might believe that you don’t have what it takes to embody your full potential…

Can you give me just one example of a woman that is living her truth right now? If she can, so can you! Don’t worry about all those fish in the sea.

You’ve got lost in your fears of what other might think and decided to stay put. What you seek, is seeking you. You just need clear direction of what to focus on to make this happen and pull this reality closer to you. You keep telling yourself that you're exhausted and you feel disconnected. You wonder what it is that other moms have, that you don’t. On top of that, your own friends and family just don't understand your struggles. They tell you to just buckle down and make things work. Darling, please know:


And as far as I know, mermaids are afraid of shallow living. So let’s dive deep.

Rebirth is an 8-week transformational journey, and it's for you if you want to:










Do you recognize this?

  • You come home exhausted from work to pick up your children, cook dinner, and after you brought them to bed you just find yourself hanging out on the couch for an hour at least scrolling your phone, you’re happy when you at least get the dishes done.
  • Your agenda is full of things that ‘have to’ happen. You feel like a firefighter who is extinguishing fires all day long, while you feel trapped and overwhelmed.
  • You have many ideas burning inside of you yearning to come out, but no time to work them out. You struggle to create space for yourself apart from your family.
  • If you do nothing for a moment, you feel guilty. If you decide to have those 60 minutes for you in the evening, you don’t feel in the right energy. Even your yoga practice feels like a chore.

You're not alone.

When I was a newborn single mom in 2016, my world fell apart... the first year was hard, I felt fuzzy, and far from being the mother I had imagined when I was pregnant with my daughter.

But once I committed to my yoga practice again, energy started flowing as I learned to be more gentle with myself as I was shifting my perspective with the ancient wisdom and methods of yoga.

And the next two years I became the most vibrant version of myself, as motherhood initiated a whole new chapter in my life, while I finished my 3-year long yoga teacher training.

I started traveling as a single mother with my baby and my yoga mat with no cares in the world. I was living my most fun-loving life discovering the world with my little girl, allowing myself to live an unconventional life. What did I have to lose? I showed up every day after my Rebirth from maiden to mother.

And then when she was 3… I dropped back into a dark depression. My yoga mat was there to catch me, once again.

I had never experienced feeling so sad and hopeless in my life.

The guilt toward my daughter was eating me.

I clung to my practice for dear life, questioning everything.

Am I a good enough mom? What if I can't take care of my daughter anymore? What if being a single mom is too much and I can’t work a fulltime job?

My entire being collapsed. 

Something changed after I had Luna. It was nothing that I planned and everything I didn’t sign up for. An emergency c-section being anesthetized, 3 weeks in the hospital with a premature baby rooms away from me, finding myself a single mother, and a body that kept failing me now that I was the one and only caretaker whose energy was so important to be in check, nourished and replenished.

And I realized with her in my life I was ready to see the parts of me I avoided looking at.

I realized that getting everything I didn’t want, led to receiving the greatest gift, teacher, and lesson in my life: my daughter.


I was tired of living in denial and being what I thought I should be, to be a 'good mom'. This wasn't what I'd want for her to settle for, so why should I?

The word “Rebirth” came through as I sat with the energy of this journey here being presented to you. Like phoenix, burnt to ashes, you will rise.

This year? We’re on track to create a deep connection and community with other mothers world wide with Luna Circle.

We’re now creating a safe container for lasting transformation within the next couple of weeks.

As a mom. In a pandemic. Doing your daily yoga practice. Being present with your kids. Feeling like your'e an incredible mother.

Here’s the truth: When you step into your Rebirth, and learn how to mother yourself, magic happens. 

Because, let's be honest. How long goes by before you start to question yourself?

Before you wonder if you can get them to daycare on time today without forgetting their daily items in their bag or looking like they just got out of bed, if you don't lash out too quickly, if your house is not too messy, if you spend enough quality time with your children, if they're not having too much screen time, if your partner still loves you, if you're a good enough mom, if YOU are good enough?

I see you mama, trying to be everything and everyone, all the time.

It's either the self-sabotaging doubt, or restoring your faith and surrendering to the answers that lie inside of your own soul. Nobody else but you knows what is right.

Unless you want to keep pushing and striving your way through high-level stress without lasting self-reflection, Debby's here to help you transform and rise.

It is time to rebirth, the woman that renews herself time and time again as is her cyclical nature in flow.

Stop wasting your energy and alchemize your potential. I will take you on a journey that will show you what it feels like to be an incredible mother.


What yoga does for me? Freedom. Sovereignty. Feeling grounded in myself. Yoga does not make you feel 'fulfilled' but it gives you more opportunities and choices within a wider perspective.

Of course, there are still issues to live through and problems, but life gets easier to take on having a spiritual toolbox.

I will teach you, as your personal yoga-mama-cheerleader, to enrich your yoga practice in your busy and demanding #momlife. You're going to carry what you get in this course into your everyday family life.

After investing in working with Debby, Purdey went from feeling overwhelmed and undervalued to actually embracing her worthiness and allow herself to take up space. Watch the video!

Is this package right for you?


Learn how to stop apologizing for who you are, how you look, and how you feel

Live a life that feels aligned to who you truly are

Apply the ancient methods of yoga to everyday life

Reclaim an enthusiasm for everyday life by getting unstuck

Tap into your spirituality so you can enjoy the day to day with your kids more

Break through the blocks that keep you small and apologetic

Gain access to an incredible, supportive circle of women



🧜‍♀️ Your inner anchor: an unshakeable foundation

🧜‍♀️ Rock the boat: living your truth with deep intimacy

🧜‍♀️ Be the wave: claim your personal power and stop comparing yourself to others

🧜‍♀️ You are the oxygen: make love to your own existence

🧜‍♀️ The world is your playground: the obstacles to your spiritual growth

🧜‍♀️ Mother yourself: self-discipline or self-torture?

🧜‍♀️ Be your own lighthouse: light your path beyond the reach of the senses

🧜‍♀️ The prayer: surrender to a life of reverence

Ready to join us?

If you're ready for the new you, sign up choosing from the different options offered below to journey along with Debby. She is glad to be of service.


Rebirth begins as soon as you register! You'll instantly get access to your Welcome Packet and Bonuses. April 1st 2021 we'll have our first live masterclass, and the program will end May 20th, 2021. You’ll also get weekly soul work to make sure you are staying focused, all while deepening your yoga practice. The best part though is that you’ll a wonderful group of women and me as the facilitator and coach of this container that is truly needed to create results and quantum leap into the future version of yourself.

You don’t need to be flexible to start doing yoga, that’s a common misunderstanding. Yoga can perfectly be done as a beginner. Know that yoga is a means and not a purpose, for more awareness and flexibility both on and off the mat. The mat is your mirror for daily life. We study yoga to get out of our minds and open the energy courses in our bodies so that we can be in the right mindset being conscious mamas to our children.

I understand your question, I too had no idea what this journey was going to give me. I can only tell you that indecision won't get you anywhere. And if you have no idea what you want, what you can do or what you believe in, looking for some belief to cling to as the solution to your problems, this is not for you.

But if you feel something calling you and know that yoga is a path you want to walk, but you're still looking for the right shape of it, this is your place!

The groundedness in your being and the support from other mamas you get in this journey provide a lot of self-love. And from that self-love you will see new opportunities for you arise...

Darling, I know how exciting it is to grow. To become a happier person. To lose the sense of control and walk an unknown path. It scares the shit out of you and there's little people depending on you. And at the same time it's an adventure you desire and dream of.

Focus on the desire, not on your fears! Because deep in your heart, you know that being guided by fear, won't get you anywhere. That you suppress yourself from growing. And that, my dear, is a waste of your precious time and energy on this beautiful earth. Because you deserve a life filled with happiness, gratitude, and joy, doing what you love. A happy mama, is a happy kid.

At Luna Circle you are not alone. You are supported by me, Debby. You are also part of a beautiful community of women who help and support you. Women who, like you, are taking the next important steps to their dream lives.

The place where you, with my guidance, will take the necessary steps to a place where you can move with self-love and meet the right people.

The misconception is that you only have one chance. That's totally untrue. At Luna Circle, I teach you that you're always creating new opportunities, and the moments where things fail are just a step away from achieving your wildest dreams. The Universe throwing you a curveball so you can put up your bumpers and stay on track.

I teach you that it does not all have to depend on 'that one image.' It's just a game for you to get closer to what you really want to come. The law of nature is increase. Therefore, it's not crazy to adjust your goals gradually. That does not mean that you’re a failure and have to give up, and that's where most women go wrong. There's a season for everything.

In the masterclass in week 6 I'll share with you exactly what to look out for when it comes to the thin line between self-discipline and self-torture.

Nobody feels comfortable leaving their comfort zone showing more of their true self. Even me, still, after all those years. But somewhere you know very well that doing nothing and playing small and safe is no option. The women's circle is a safe and intimate space where we practice our active listening and coming from a place of praise, no judgment, no unsolicited advice.

Do not say to yourself that it does not matter that people don't know you and the beauty you have to offer to the world. Because you are afraid that you don't ask the right questions and afraid of the judgment of others. That fear becomes a problem in your life if you continue to ignore it and you will stick with negativity. Show up for yourself! If you don't do it, who else will?

Turn your fears into inspiration! Know that you are in the right place to get support and help. Everything is possible and you do not have to do it alone!

I’m not here to compare my services to other people’s services, I just know how I can serve my mama's best. My coaching is one-of-a-kind because I've walked the talk for you, I'm very aware of the infinite opportunities that lie ahead of you. I graduated from my Master's Degree in Intercultural Communication, in which I conducted many communication processes and linguistic analyzes, I'm a certified traditional Hatha yoga teacher after 3 years of training and I am not afraid to be merciless for reaching my goals. I've been taking care of my daughter alone since the day she was born. I know your struggles.

I'm determined to bring all the women closer to that feeling of unapologetic freedom of being with everything that I have.

I have the knowledge and experience ready to know how to use yoga to clarify your desires, how to focus your energy on what you want to achieve and how your words and thoughts manifest themselves outwards. That information is worth gold. In my coaching I focus on being a powerful tough love cheerleader that's entirely dedicated to her personal growth and feminine energy, so that I can help other mamas to be their best selves as well.

You’ll be personally guided by me and together we’ll find out what YOUR deepest desires are so that I can support you in taking the next steps. Transparency, integrity and relationship with my clients always come first. I will hold your hand and guide you, step-by-step to implement everything. This alone is worth 5 times the value of an online course alone.

Yes, I am a certified Transformational & Solution-Focused Life Coach. I did learn and master professional coaching skills and have invested in coaching and mentoring myself. I know what it takes to be a good coach, and what it’s like to be a good coachee.

Like I said, I walked the talk and I made my mistakes and nothing beats practical experience. I know what it's like to take a leap, to be disappointed and to go through major setbacks. I try to share my knowledge and value with you in free content, I'm all about transparency so what you see is what you get. During my paid coaching we'll go on a way deeper level.

Here at Luna Circle we are committed to stepping up and playing bigger, fear does not stop us, "not having the money" doesn't stop us. Instead, we find the money to do what our hearts are calling us to, and when we do this, the money flows in. None of these stories matter because we are not willing to play small! We are not willing to stay the same and instead, we are ferociously connected to the growth that is required for doubling and tripling our riches until they overflow, and we are clear that changing our internal landscape is the only way to impact our outer realities.

Getting in touch with your divine purpose is an investment in yourself and your future, which you will still have a long and profitable benefit from. More self-love and a clear vision of what you want and who you are, will make you grow bigger and bigger and get more of what you're looking for.

If this is a financial stretch for you, it feels like a present you gift to yourself. You really want it so bad, and it's really something that you need. It should be a financial stretch for you in order to get the results that you want. The investment will make you commit to yourself, to gain knowledge and hold you accountable to actually take the next step. The price will be a stretch for you, for your power to create, for your comfort zone and for you to allow yourself to receive the new.

By paying this price you give yourself permission to see that you're worth it.

Have you considered that children can actually be assets and motivators for your goals, rather than obstacles?

This is how my daughter inspires me daily to be an audacious woman... Showing her that it's perfectly possible to live life on your own terms.

Have you considered that the only way for you to actually have a stable income is by shifting your money mindset, which I could help you do if we coach together?

Absolutely! This fear has everything to do with timing. And a little bit of uncertainty. During our coaching, you get rid of the myth that you need to be "better, more beautiful, more flexible, richer" to fulfill your dream first. The focus is on what you already have right in front of you now, and all the possibilities in your life that belong to it.

Yes! Why would you wait and tell yourself you need to be better or bigger first? Specially at the beginning of your practice, because there’s a lot to learn and implement! We cover how you can infuse eastern philosophy into your everyday western mom life, so you can make the world an even more beautiful place to live in as you're raising your kids.

Whether you’re just beginning or you’ve been around for a while and aren’t at the point you’d hoped to be at, get ready to stretch yourself creating a life you love!

Before you know, you’ll be folding your body into a human pretzel while your kids are learning what self-care is as they watch you learn.

Yes, you will! As long as you’re into yoga – you can benefit from this program. I do however want to tell you that the struggles moms have to cope with are one-of-a-kind, but of course, yoga philosophy doesn't limit it's effectiveness to mothers. I can help you make yourself feel comfortable with the uncomfortable, get the spiritual tools in place and deepen your yoga practice.

Being the coach and you being the coachee, I am not in the position to guarantee results. I provide the journey for you, but you’ve got to do the work. It’s like an IKEA manual. You just need to get all the tools in the right place, in the right order, girl! In our coaching, I will share everything with you that has worked for me, and for my students.

I suggest you just start with what you have and grow consistently along your journey. There's not much you need: a yoga mat, maybe a strap, a block, and a blanket, wearing comfortable clothes. A place where you can wind down and have some privacy. It's more of an inner journey that requires your investment on a commitment level ;).