• MINI MAMA AT HOME RETREAT November 21, 2020

    A deep transformational and connective experience from wherever you are.


Get away from your to-do list and your demanding family life in the comfort of your house! (Or maybe you're the type of woman that allows herself to really getaway and spend the day in a hotel, fancy!)

With my Online Retreat, I am bringing my platform Luna Circle straight into your living room. During this inspiring, uplifting, connective live event, I will teach you the essentials you need to know to shift back into your own core as a mother, to reclaim your energy, and make sure you connect with other mamas.

The Mini Mama At Home Retreat takes approx. 4-5 hours (excluding breaks) during which I will help you to prepare for some juicy motherhood magic, as motherhood might be messy, but it is also your greatest mirror and catalyzer for your personal growth.

With this Retreat, I want to empower you as the amazing mama that you are! Allow yourself  to retreat into yourself for a few hours, and focus on you, your life, your vision, and your life as a mama.

The goal of this At Home Retreat is to give you the feeling that you have all the right tools for the Triple Goddes Journey from Daughter, to Mother, to Medicine Woman. But most of all, I want you to be excited about feeling ultimately confident and comfortable with your choices for both your life and your children's, connecting with other like-minded conscious mamas, birthing whatever it is that you are meant to carry out in this world, and believing in your powers and abilities as the Mother you are (or are becoming).


This Mini At Home Retreat will take approximately 4 to 5 hours excluding breaks between sessions. We will start at 10am and finish around 5pm - all times Amsterdam time.

You will take part in workshops designed around Luna Circle's key building blocks: Yoga, Shamanism, and Coaching. After the sessions, you will leave feeling empowered and with more clarity for the path that you are currently walking not only as a mother, but as a woman, too.

The exact program and a link to the video conference for the Mini Mama At Home Retreat will be shared with participants before the event. If you have any specific questions right now, e-mail me at info@debbyixchel.com.


Bring your mat because we're going to do some yoga:
  • During this workshop I'll address positions and flows relieving emotional disturbances and connecting to your intuition and higher vision.

  • I'll also share with you a very powerful and vulnerable meditation practice and a breathing technique from my book Mother Medicine to empower you.

Women's Circle based on Universal Shamanism practices
  • Learn all about bridging spiritual practices, sisterhood, and ceremony integrating it into your life, so you end up thriving in a more holistic way.

  • This Circle is intentioned to bring the sacred into your life as you start to perceive, digest, and absorb more beauty and potential in the world you live in.

“Glowing into motherhood” workshop based on solution-focused and transformational coaching
  • I'll guide you to develop a vision for your life as a parent: What are your expectations, what are your priorities, and how do you make sure you don't forget to self-care?

  • I'll also help you and your child to understand each other better and stay connected as you grow together in this journey.

Digital materials will be shared afterwards to help you continue with your practice at home.

Price: € 39,93

Special deal to share Luna Circle: Bring a friend and get a 5EUR discount each! (email us before booking to get a special promo code).

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Attend at home retreat live

4-5 hour online event with in between breaks

€ 39,93

Attend at home retreat

4-5 hour online event with in between breaks

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Attend the at home retreat

4-5 hour online event with in between breaks

Get my ebook Mother Medicine straight to your inbox

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