Become a paid member of our sisterhood circle

If you're:

 Feeling like you're not in the right place, and sense an inner calling to create a life you never imagined

 Eager to know what spiritual teachings can help you deepen your sense of belonging and joy (in the trainings I share my valuable insights based on actual learnings and experiences of my own life having studied yoga, miracles and law of attraction)

 Ready to take your business to the next level with my one-of-a-kind approach to running a business with ease and flow

 Feeling like you are in your own way and you somehow don't know how to get out of there, while deep down you know you are meant to live a joyful life

 Excited to connect with your intuition and let it guide you

 Longing for freedom, support and community of other like-minded women entrepreneurs

 Get weekly inspirational exercises to stay in the present moment so you can tap into those sweet Divine Downloads

 Interested to know what I am doing and how I got to where I am right now (in the Q&A's I'll be sharing anything you have questions about)

Then the Bohemian Dream membership is for you!

Imagine having a yoga class or meditation every week to help you awaken your spiritual self, help on your business and personal life two times a month in live Q&A's, and live trainings to help you become the woman living the life of her wildest dreams...

Imagine being surrounded by other bohemian goddesses who support you, empower you and uplift you, with who you can bounce ideas off of, mastermind with, all for 33 euros a month!

You are a bold and visionary leader, free spirit, boho soul that knows deep down that there's more to life. Your dreams are calling you, and your soul is sending sweet whispers your way to live out your true purpose.

You long for freedom and crave living a life out of the box. You'll do things your way, your creativity is limitless. Life is magic when you tap into your own greatness. You were born for this, baby!


You're in your own way, stuck in a rut that gives you a sense of false security, simply because you were conditioned to think that's the way it's 'supposed to be' while your inner being is screaming for your attention telling you that this is not the place to be.

Your surroundings don't support your dreams and you feel like a total outcast. This reflects in every single piece of your life: how you do anything, is how you do everything.

And so you create services, offers and situations in your life and in your business based on what others do. You're not satisfied and you're not getting closer to that bohemian dream and desire of passion and pursuit with purpose.

That true mission you're really supposed to live out!

You're in the right place, my dear!

A side note: If what you’re reading here resonates with you, you know it’s for you. This membership is about empowering the woman and soul YOU are and the woman you desire to be. There’s no right or wrong in our soul sister girl squad. We're excited to welcome you in our embrace.

In the Bohemian Dream sisterhood circle we will cover all things yoga, intuition, meditation, marketing, visibility, leadership, purpose, culture, travel and, JOY!


Because there's no way you can any longer suppress, deny or avoid your calling - even if you don't know how (of course you don't, girlfriend!)

Because you want to get to know the woman you truly are, carry out your soul's deepest desire, and learn how to share your unique gift with the world embracing the intuitive leadership that's calling you

Because you want to step into that next-level you who's done playing small and is ready to do things HER way

Because you want to show up feeling joyful, loved and free, in both your life and in your business - no more hiding behind template strategies or sharing other people's blog posts

Because yoga and culture will deepen your transformation of the awakened spirit, guide you to your inner wisdom and open up access to your own gifts

Because you want to surround yourself with an intimate circle of women who are vibing at the same frequency letting go of what no longer serves them

Blessed Energy Rising Needs Debby's Alchemy

Here's the truth

If you really want it, you need to insist upon it, breathe it, become it, live it. If you want to be a leader, you cannot be a follower.

How badly do you want it?


And be notified first when the doors open!


You are here for a reason

They say that the teacher will appear, when the student is ready... I strongly believe you ended up here on purpose.

  • You're here because you are a pioneer
  • You're here because you want to live a life you never imagined
  • You're here because you weren't made for desk duty
  • You're here because you want to be celebrated and celebrate others
  • You're here because you want to rock your business, have a solid spiritual practice that always has your back, and have the freedom to do whatever and go wherever you want...

And that's what my Bohemian Dream Members are all about!

I’m inviting you to be part of an incredible group of conscious women that are lit and who are ready to ditch the old way of living and embrace a new paradigm of love, freedom, and joy.

What you'll get as a Dream Member:

  • Montly livestream trainings with Debby fit in the monthly theme.
  • Quarterly live coaching call
  • All livestream trainings + calls saved to watch as replays any time inside the private Facebook group and membership site.
  • Yoga, meditation and mindfulness to expand your consciousness and tune into your intuition
  • Private members-only Facebook group for like-minded community and connecting and access to membership site.

Together, we’re going to dive deep into just what you need in this full wholly human experience to make it:

  • Peaceful
  • Enjoyable
  • Sacred
  • Rejuvenating
  • All-encompassing
  • Feminine-led
  • Powerful
  • Holistic

And FUN.

About Debby

Hey beautiful soul! I'm an Intuitive Leadership Alchemist and I'm here to make you stretch your mind, body and soul so that you can live your dream. Even if it scares you. Because it scares you.

With the work that I do I show women who they truly are. I can see how you don't show up when I look at your marketing, and will help you create a new belief turning your fears into inspiration and creation.

After I hit rock bottom because I almost died giving birth to my daughter, was left by a deadbeat dad and could hardly take care of myself (let alone my newborn baby), I started my business. Life is just too precious, fragile and short to spend in a cubicle. I wanted to offer my daughter something different, and with that I'd love to heal the divine feminine line.

I help my clients to realize themselves from the inside out, let go of the hustle and find back the fun in this beautiful game called life. I do that through energetic work with both body, mind and soul and the knowledge of my background in yoga, culture, and language.

Me and my daughter are moving to Mexico this year, and I just want to show you that if my everything is possible, yours is too. Did I already mention that as a member you'll see behind-the-scenes material of little Luna growing up? It's a gem, I'm telling you. I can't wait for you to be a part of this magical tribe full of bohemian goddesses.